Friday, 25 April 2008

Props to the Big Dog.............

Massive thanks to my good pal, Alan Chambers for building my 650b wheels at short notice, knowing full well that im going to make him re-build 'em next week , and build Vikki's wheels, when i get some black AND silver spokes, and some new hope hubs , more on that later.....

i think it looks quite cool, a tad heavy than i thought at 20lbs, but it rides nice along the corridor at work................. will give it a proper shake down at enduro6 on sunday.

Friday, 11 April 2008

New Bike

Not mine though, My good friend Dan-o Hale of shifterbikes fame, and organiser of the 2003 SSWC , has got a new bike. built Ewen Gellie ( i used to race at the deluxe dirt crits in melbourne with ewen ) who builds the Cog frames for Damo, more monstercross than 'cross (like his previous pompino) i love it! awesome paint job, if he can be bothered to race it offroad, he will defo kick arse, the boy has skills...............and the bars! awesome, i NEED to find out about these, is it just me or do they look carbon..... and as per usual, the bike is packed! White Ind, Pauls, King, Thomson, etc, etc, even has the new Oz-riders grips that another of my aussie pals is doing, james maebus, i should be getting some of these soon!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Postal Service

Im having problems with the postal service, and for once its not royal mail, its USPS. what a shower of shit! Davis sent me some parcels including my frame, nicks frame, phil and vicki's rims and tires, and some other nice stuff, on the 26th of march, i paid express delivery (3-5 days) and surprise surprise, they left america on the 6th of may! so 12 days and its not even crossed the pond yet! this is the frustrating part of trying to run a business, i dont do this to make lots of money, i do it to get nice stuff for myself, and to introduce niche stuff to people, remember i was the first to bring 96ers into the UK and now 650b as well. i have a full time job alongside this venture, but some times i think its not worth it, i feel sorry for people who pay me their hard earned money, for their goods to take longer than they should because people cant do their job properly. Between davis boxing it up and sending it to me and me receiving it, it always seems to be one almighty cock up! it really is beginning to make me think why i bother...........